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It began raining for the first time in many years, though the aroma of the rain was stained by the stench of blood. The rain was nostalgic to a certain extent, but Takeya had no positive recollections of rainy days. They make life hard when you’re camping and the day his younger sister died was a rainy day.

Takeya listened to the rain pattering and rebounding against the ground. The cold linoleum floor soon robbed it of its warmth. He listened to the faint sounds of the rain as his mind wandered off.

Takeya felt like he wanted to see something truly nostalgic, but struggled to remember anything.

He was then unexpectedly shaken. He opened his eyes, wondering what was going on.

He was greeted by a face. A face so close that his eyes momentarily struggled to put it into focus.

It was Lilly. Her eyes were swollen red as she shook him around.


Her eyes began watering.

“*sniff* Y-You’re alive… I’m so glad…”

He felt even more detached from reality than before. It seems like his success against a magical girl and the preceding events were all just a dream.

He had lost so much blood he was unable to exert any real power over his body. He couldn’t even stand up. He felt like he might black out at any moment as his eye sight flickered wildly.

“Takeya, Takeyaaaaa…!”

The barely conscious Takeya reflected on how this was the first time he had ever seen Lilly so flustered. He was so happy there was someone that cared so much about him.

This is a world where one’s own survival is a struggle, a place where there is no room left over for worrying about others. To actually shed tears over someone else in such a place…. Takeya thought it was invaluably precious, beautiful.

Takeya took his eyes off Lilly and looked down at what was in his arms.

Reika’s corpse, rotting away as it entered the first stages of rigour mortis.

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