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Section 0

“Thank god we got away from that class again!”

Without thinking, Minazuki Takeya responded to his classmate Himezaki Yuzuki’s inconsiderate shrill voice with a furious glare. He held back his anger by clenching his fists.

But how could he blame her? While he didn’t go as far as to actually say it out loud, was he not feeling the exact same feeling of relief as her? Despite the fact that they knew that there are people being sacrificed? Just happy that those human sacrifices are not them or their close ones?

All of Class 18 were gathered in a science classroom. There were no chemicals or lab equipment left, just containers of clouded up formalin. It has lost all function as a science room.

The old and cracked blackboard was so black, it was almost as if despair itself was covering it. Something was written right in the centre. It was written humbly in small lettering but it stood out by virtue of being the only thing there.

It was a name.

Ijuuin Reika

The name of the person who had taken care of Takeya when he first took refuge in Sorakara City—after he had lost his parents—even though they were only one year apart.

A person who is nicer than anyone else. More beautiful than anyone else. An existence similar to that of a goddess. The companion which Takeya is madly in love with.

People aged between 12 and 18 are confined in the old Sorakara School grounds. Currently there are 568 of them.

Those who have family in Sorakara city and those who have lost their family, like Takeya. All are imprisoned equally. They cannot see their families or escape. Once they are drawn to the school, they can do nothing but spend the rest of their lives there.

Nobody knows who started it, but soon enough the people there started calling themselves students, and the students started calling their prison “Sorakara Farm”.

Why are they confined here?

Because students, like Takeya, are food for the magical girl. They are reared in the farm for that purpose.

She eats one person a week.

Yesterday, a girl from Class 4 was eaten. The day after someone is eaten, the magical girl writes a name on a blackboard in one of the classes.

That is the name of the next victim.


Takeya murmured quietly.

Ijuuin Reika will be “eaten” on Friday, as the magical girl wrote.

The kind person who had always protected Takeya will die.

Tragic as that was, Takeya did not cry. He is far too used to the cruelties of this world. He has seen countless absurd things.

But he has never gone through anything as painful as this.


Takeya glared at the letters on the blackboard.

“We are the magical girl’s livestock…”

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  1. Thank you for translating this, I love Kamisu Reina and this novel was on my wishlist since I saw it on the light novel database for Eiji Mikage 😀


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