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Volume 1 Progress: 49.8% (Last Updated 8/29/16)

Episode 2 Section 1 Part 3 Posted

Episode 2 Section 1 Part 3 has been added to the Episode 2 Section 1 page. You can find it here.

Episode 2 Section 1 Part 2 Posted

Episode 2 Section 1 Part 2 has been added to the Episode 2 Section 1 page.

I just realized I’m going to be copy + pasting Episode 2 a lot, welp.

Episode 2 Section 0 + Section 1 Part 1 Posted

Episode 2 Section 0 and Section 1 Part 1 have been added to their respective pages under the new Episode 2 heading.

In terms of updates, the plan at current is to return to the once every two weeks schedule we seemed to have mild success with before. This represents a slower rate than initially expected at the start of the project but one more likely to be consistently met considering circumstances.

edit: Just in case anyone was encountering this problem, there was a minor issue with one of the links pointing to Episode 1 Section 1 instead of Episode 2 Section 1. This has been resolved.

Section 5 Part 8 + Episode End Posted

Section 5 Part 8 has been added to the Section 5 page. The final part of Episode 1 has also been added under its own page titled “Episode End”.

Section 5 Part 7 Posted

Section 5 Part 7 has been added to the Section 5 page.

Progress Update

Hi everyone! I’m Wing, supervisor for Majonaka. It’s been awhile since we last posted a new part, so Kaylalyak and I thought we should update you on the status of the translation.

Unfortunately, Kaylalyak’s schedule has gotten even busier than it was before and it looks like we’re going to be expecting gaps between updates moving into the foreseeable future. Kaylalyak’s working hard to try to get you a new part uploaded this week, but between everything going on, please try to be understanding if our updates end up being rather intermittent from time to time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Section 5 Part 6 Posted

Section 5 Part 6 has been added to the Section 5 Page.

(Did I mention it’s a long section?)